Campi was established in 1992, when the first cars provided with anti-dust filters entered the market. Since then, it is dealing with Cabin Air Filters, basing on the following main principles:
- Quality
- Compatibility with the original item
- Development
- Services
                                                  High Quality, care for details and price have been the determining criteria to operate in a sector in which we committed ourselves for many years, such as the First installation and the famous automotive brands.
                                                  Only during the last years, the company changed its course completely, mainly devoting itself to the Aftermarket sector with the brand Mistral.
                                                  What we keep doing with unchanged commitment and enthusiasm is producing filters making the difference, offering to the new sector of reference the same quality of the first installation.
                                                  We know well that each company has its own characteristics, habits and needs:therefore, we offer our customers:
                                                  - versatility 
                                                  - flexibility
                                                  - skill
                                                                                      It is very important for Campi to create a relationship with the customer based on mutual trust and strong collaboration.
                                                                                      For us, the customer represents the partner with whom to work to attain together the same result, that is to supply the best product on the market.
                                                                                      The extremely high automation level of all the manufacturing processes of our company allows us to held an extremely competitive position on the market.Thanks to its steady development, our product is one of the best available on the market as for quality and price.
                                                                                      The packaging sector, too, is provided with state-of-the-art machinery and offers a wide range of solutions to meet special requirements (customized boxes, bags,labels, instructions, marking of the filter with the logo).  
                                                                                      For this purpose, we collaborate with the best companies in the field of packaging carrying out feasibility studies for special requests.
                                                                                      Urged from the strong passion for filtering and from a deep care for human health, Campi protects the passenger’s health thanks to its Mistral Air Ventilation Filter.
                                                                                      Company Campi always dealt with environment air filtering, being successful in the automotive and in the civil-industrial sector.
                                                                                      All our processes are granted with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.